Monday, August 13, 2007

More About The Competition

Tell Us Another One is a new Wits creative writing competition, about Wits. It is an opportunity for you to explore what your institution means to you and to play around with the concepts that Wits represents to you, from the special to the absurd.

More importantly, the competition is here to stimulate creative writing on campus. That doesn't mean that we want conventional stories. Use and abuse the constraints. Push the boundaries. We want something different. Not an imitation of what is regarded as 'good' literature, but something that is unique and original. Something playful. Liberate yourself from academic writing styles. Create something new. Tell us another one.

The genre of your story could be anything from science fiction to fantasy, detective noir or cookery horror , if you can pull it off. You could even invent your own genre.

Your story can be set anywhere on campus, from the corridors of Central Block to the great outdoors, otherwise known as the Library Lawns. Wits could even be a character. However you choose to write it, Wits has to feature in the story.

We want the hidden, untold stories of Wits, even those that have never happened outside of your imagination. Be creative. Be unique. Tell us another one.

Wits has already produced one Nobel prize winning author. You could be the next.

Every great author has to start somewhere.

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